Since 2012, the group has been on an incredible journey – and we’re only just getting started. From our very first appearance at George’s Bar Mitzvah, to our brand new name launched in 2018, we have enjoyed dozens of unforgettable performances, raising tens of thousands along the way! Scroll down to discover some of our personal highlights and take a look at how far we’ve come.
George's Bar Mitzvah
Our journey began in April 2012 as a group of four friends singing together during George's Bar Mitzvah service. We enjoyed it so much that we learnt a few songs for Noam's Bar Mitzvah later that year. We decided on the name 'The 4 Sons' alluding to the story told at Pesach each year.
The CD
With our voices about to break, we decided to record a few of our favourite songs as a memento for our families. A few songs quickly turned into a complete CD, including our original version of ‘Adon Olam’. When we launched the CD on Purim 2013 – our first Spieling experience – our audience expanded from a few family members to hundreds of families across North London! Even Kosher Kingdom decided to stock our CD’s! Having raised £2,500 on that one night, we have since sold over 1,000 copies around the world!
Zambia Trip
In April 2013, a year after The 4 Sons began, George travelled to Zambia to learn more about the work of WaterAid, one of our chosen charities. He visited communities which now had access to clean water and better sanitation because of WaterAid’s work. When he returned, the whole group was motivated to keep raising as much money as possible to fund projects like the one’s he saw first-hand. You can learn a lot more about the trip and WaterAid’s work by reading George’s diary or watching this short video.
Yoni Jesner Award
After the unexpected success of our launch, we set up a website and started rehearsing regularly. Having received plenty of coverage in the Jewish media, including a live interview on Radio Verulam, we offered to sing at Bar Mitzvahs and other events in return for a donation to one (or more) of our chosen charities. In June 2013, we performed at the Yoni Jesner Award ceremony, where we were recognised for our many hours of volunteering!
Steven Isserlis Award
After another year of improving and performing, we were honoured to receive the first ever Steven Isserlis Cup for the use of music for charitable purposes. Given how much this award reflects our own mission, it was a very proud moment for all of us.
WIZO Commitment Award
2015 saw some more memorable performances, including a 90th Birthday Party at the magnificent Spencer House. In July, we sang at WIZO’s Commitment Awards, which recognise people who have done amazing work in a whole range of fields, including our founder George! If this wasn’t enough, we even got to meet Claude Littner from The Apprentice – he loved our Adon Olam so much that he bought one of our CD’s!
Emunah Gala Dinner
After over 30 performances, September 2016 saw one of our most special appearances yet at Emunah’s annual Gala Dinner. Aside from singing in the stunning Guildhall in front of hundreds of guests (including the Home Secretary), it meant a lot to us to be performing for one of the charities which we had been supporting for years.
JVN Awards
Two months later, and it was time for us to sing at another award ceremony, this time for JVN. As well as performing one of our favourite sets, we were shortlisted for the ‘Young Volunteer of the Year Award’!
Shabbat UK
Just a few days later, we had a wonderful time singing on Shabbat UK, first producing a Havdalah video for J-TV and then performing at Alei Tzion and Raleigh Close, where we collaborated with guest rapper Ari Lesser!
Purim Thrills
Purim Spieling has always been our biggest and most enjoyable night of the year. Each year, we perform at dozens of Seudot, racing around North London and raising thousands for our charities. We’ve even entered Spieling competitions, such as The Spiel Factor in which we were runners-up in 2017. On Purim 2017, we released our first music video with our original ‘Purim Thrills’, based on Sia’s ‘Cheap Thrills’. Recorded in Rafi’s bedroom cupboard and filmed in George’s basement, it was a brand new challenge for us. But with over 2,000 YouTube views and 10,000 on Facebook, we took to the streets of North London, performing our new hit and raising over £8,000 on the night!
£50,000 Milestone
In December 2017, we came back from our performing break for one more special Bar Mitzvah. With Rafi and Gideon out of the country, a much-changed line-up took us over the long-awaited £50,000 mark – a number which we had never expected to come near for so much of our journey. It was a hugely significant moment for us as a group and it was particularly special that George and Asher, the two members who have been around from the start, were performing that Shabbat as we crossed that milestone.