Shalom and welcome to our website!

Since we started back in 2012, we have been performing together for more than half a decade as The 4 Sons, bringing music and light to dozens of simchas and raising more than £50,000 for our wonderful charities.

We’ve been working hard as a group to improve at every stage and we’re really excited to be back performing for you once more, with brand new music and a brand new name: Kol Tov!

For us, this name represents what we’re all about – it’s not just about the quality of our music, but it’s also about using our ‘Kolot’ (voices) in another way to share our central message wherever we go – that you can take something you love and use it to make the world a better place.

To find out what our awesome a cappella infusion could bring to your simcha, check out our Events page or feel free to get in touch!
To learn more about our chosen charities and why they mean so much to us as a group, have a read of Charities.
Check out Our Journey to see how we’ve developed and grown over the past six years, first as The 4 Sons and now as Kol Tov.
A cappella is the ultimate team game, and everyone who has been part of our group shares a very special bond. On our Family page, we introduce all our members, past and present, who have put in the time and dedication over the years to make it all happen.
We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions, comments, reviews or suggestions for us – head over to Contact Us where you can get in touch and find all our social media links for the latest news and exclusive content.

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